Speed Racer

Speed Racer 2008


Speed racer is the tale of a young and brilliant racing driver. When corruption in the racing leagues costs his brother his life, he must team up with the police and the mysterious Racer X to bring and end to the corruption and criminal activities. Inspired by the cartoon series.

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Alex wrote:

Highly underrated in my opinion, Speed Racer was one of the best cinematic experience I ever had in a theater. I'm sure it's rather loyal to the original material, because it's basically a live action anime. The story is very basic, the dialogues are often childish, but it's not what you're here to see. You're here to witness nonsensical races, pink helicopters, colourful characters and to HAVE A GOOD TIME. I remember laughing from joy at the end of the final race – there weren't any pictures anymore, just colors! That said, I haven't seen it on a regular screen, so please watch it in HD at least, and not on DVD on your MacBook.

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